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Fannie May Candy

Ruthie & Dana Fundraising is a Leading Fannie May Candy Distributor.

Ruthie and Dana Fundraising was established in 2005 by Ruthie Rollings and Dana Bowyer. We are both former teachers, coaches, along with Dana’s officiating high school volleyball in Illinois for over 19 years. Because of our educational and hands on experiences in working with students, coaches, and administrators, we know first hand the need for providing additional funds for educational and extra curricular activities.

Our passion is to do what is right, fair, & easy, and have FUN! First and foremost the sellers must have FUN while selling! In our combined 63 years of fundraising experience, we know that selling our Fannie May Candy…more products has produced very successful sales. The products are delicious! Yummy with more to come.

Here is why Kirk Kettlecamp, the principal at Taylorville Jr High School, and many others have experienced the power of selling Fannie May Candy.

• Kirk said it was time to change and make things simple, easy, & profitable.
• He was open to new ideas and decided to change from having a catalog sale for several years to selling 5 items from a one page flyer.
• The one page flyer features 5 items of half pound box chocolates, Pixies, Mint Meltaways, Trinidads, Creams, and Assorted Chocolates.
We deliberately sell our Fannie May Candy for less than the retail stores. No where else can you buy it for less!
The sale made customers very happy and look forward to selling year after year.
Students loved how easy the product was to sell plus they received free candy and more for every 8 boxes they sold.
• The secretaries said it was very easy especially when reminding the parents to call the toll free number for help, really loved the fact there were no back orders or replacements to deal with, plus delivery went very smooth and organized.
Local businesses called to order in bulk several boxes of candy for appreciation gifts for their customers or employees. “Fannie May Candy makes a great gift!”

Even though Ruthie and Dana Fundraising started in 2005 we have 55 combined years of fundraising experience. Selling a product like Fannie May Candy put the fun back into fundraising again as you can tell from Kirk’s sale. It’s an all around great sale.

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