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Flowers from Western Promotions

We have been literally “growing relationships” as a prominent wholesale supplier of exceptional quality flower bulbs, seeds, and gift plants for Ruthie and Dana Fundraising since 2005.

As part of our commitment to ensure your success, we’ve created colorful brochures for Spring and Fall – filled with beautiful photos of our exceptional quality bulbs, seeds and plants. Every product reflects value pricing, and includes useful information to help make an easy purchasing decision. Then, each order is delivered in a timely fashion, with easy-to-follow planting and growing information – as well as our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. All orders are pre-sorted & labeled per seller per group. For help with your order call our toll free number…1-866-644-7884

Looking for an “earth-friendly” fundraising product? Check out our seasonal brochures. If you’re ready to plant the seeds of success for your next selling program – we have the most natural products available to make it happen.

Happy Growing!

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