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Our Company

Ruthie and Dana Fundraising started in 2005 with 55 combined years of fundraising experience.  Our #1 passion is selling Fannie May Candy boxed chocolates… the name says it all!

We have been listening to our sponsors/customers for several years now, requesting a need for a simple easy fundraiser selling a product they can be proud to sell.  Selling Fannie May Candy boxed chocolates is the perfect fit! 

When you sell Fannie May Candy boxed chocolates with us, your sale is setting the standard in your community for selling quality gourmet chocolates, especially when you sell it for less than the Fannie May Candy stores.  We guarantee fresh and sell for less!

The secret to our success of becoming a leading Fannie May Candy Distributor in a short time is simple.  We deliberately sell Fannie May Candy, a well known delicious specialty candy, for less than all the other fundraising companies, and even less than the Fanny May stores.

That is why 94% of our groups/schools work with us year after year.  Students find it very easy to sell, sponsors say it is the easiest product sale they have ever done, and customers look forward to the sale year after year.

We also offer other products with the same high quality and value as our Fannie May Candy .