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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many items and ounce size are in the catalog?

One page flyer picturing... 1/2 pound boxes of pixies, mint meltaways, trinidads, assorted chocolates, & assorted creams.

What is the profit percentage?

$4.80 or 40% per box sold.  Since we sell the product for $2.00 less than the Fannie May stores, 40% is norm.  If you would like 50% you will need to raise the price of the candy before selling.

Which produces more money for our group 40% or 50%?

Based upon our sales, groups profit more when they sell the candy for less than the stores, therefore the 40% sale will profit more because you will sell more.  Order takers sell more because of the price & the quality of the product.

How is the product package and delivered?

All of the orders are pre-sorted per seller per sub-group making it very easy for distribution.

When is payment due?

Collect the money when you take the orders and have payment ready and give to the driver upon delivery.

What is the turn around time for the product?

Sell for 2 weeks then count on 3 weeks from the day you mail the orders to us for delivery.

What are the incentives for the sellers?

We have a very simple and popular prize program. Earn free product, cash, pizza, limo & lunch, bounce parties, and more. The best and most popular incentive is earn 1 free choice box for every 8 boxes sold.

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