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Client Testimonials

“We changed from selling out of a catalog to a one page Fannie May Candy flyer of 5 items and our sale doubled! Ruthie said it would increase just had no idea we would profit $24,000. Smooth delivery even with the large volume. I tell other sales reps…we doubled our profits and it was easy, no reply.”
-Kirk Kettelkamp


“We want to hang on to you guys! Our sales have never been this good in years. Selling Fannie May Candy has been very well received by the community, students find it very easy to sell, they love winning the free candy, and the music department really appreciates how simple & easy the sale goes. Ruthie & Dana take care of us!”
-Monticello Music Staff & Boosters


“This was a No Brainer! Selling Fannie May Candy was the easiest, smoothest, and most fun sale we have ever done. Through the years the P.T.C. has profited around $16,000- $20,000 in a very short time. We stopped looking at other fundraisers.”
-Amber & Dana
St. Joe PTC Members


“The community really likes The Chip Shoppe food. It’s all good! Delivery was a piece of cake! Other schools are calling for their number.”
-Mr. Jeffrey Finley
Band Director


“Everybody knows of Fanny May Candy and with it not sold at the Mall anymore, it was the easiest product to sell. The community loved it and Now Look For It.” One year we changed fundraisers and there was a big cry from our customers to bring back Fannie May Candy.”
-Jami Bowles
Atwood-Hammond PTO


“This was a great sale. Easy! Our Music Dept is known as the Fannie May Store for our community. Other sales we have done have back orders & cheesy prizes. Not Fannie May Candy, the students, community, and I love having this sale!”
-Eric Wattleworth
Band Director


“People look forward to this sale year after year! Our other sale does not go as smooth as the Fannie May Sale. Even more kids sell now since we had a $1,000.00 winner at our school. Taking Corporate Orders works great.”
-Andi Rowe


“The board cut our 8th grade trip and the Fannie May Sale a few years back. The community protested and now they are all back. We were luck to get the Fannie May sale back for they are in demand!”
-Mary Bolinger
Shelbyville, IL


“Our Fannie May Sale is very successful and it is the only product fundraiser we do. It’s an annual event we all look forward to. We added the candles to our sale and our profits increased by 22%. Really like the candles nice addition!”
-Elaine McClure
Argenta-Oreana P.A.T.T.


“Thanks for everything – this was really a piece of cake … or should I say this was Sweet as Candy! We profit more by selling Fannie May Candy verses candy bars plus it is easier!”
-Terri Worth
Virden, IL


“Year after year Ruthie & Dana have proven to be the only fundraising people we work with, selling food one semester and candy the next. They really know how to make our responsibilities simple and productive.”
-Carolyn Hinton


“After receiving The Chip Shoppe catalogs with the nice variety of foods, we knew we wanted to taste the selections. It really is very good food. The soups are delicious. Community, Staff, and especially the students enjoy this sale. Ruthie, Dana, & The Chip Shoppe are the best!”
-Ms. Debra Zueck


“This is the only sale we do and it works best for us! Everyone enjoys our flower sale year after year!”
-Debra Bommarito


“We were afraid to do a frozen food sale because we are a very low income school. We were afraid parents would not buy the products then not pick it up on the delivery date. Unlike other companies, The Chip Shoppe delivery was well organized and easy for the PTO helpers, and pick up was a piece of cake for all. We profited over $19,000, they loved the food, and they want it next year.”
-Kelly Allee
Mattoon, IL


“Needed a change from selling magazines. The Chip Shoppe food is delicious especially the soups! Parents are calling the 800 number for more. Delivery was well organized and quick even though we sold over $41,000.00 of product. Great sale!”
-Jeanne Handley


“Our small group of band kids profited more than the all school elementary sale when selling Fannie May Candy!” Never sold Fannie May Candy before great sale!”
-Greg Downs
Band Director


“Our kids love selling Fannie May Candy, it’s the only sale we have and we do very well! Last year we had the $500.00 winner.”
-Jennifer Tedford